With a fortune of £ 2.06 billion, Johnny Buffarhat is the richest man on the UK’s list of young rich people aged 30 and under.

The 27-year-old Sydney-born Bufarhat became the youngest billionaire in Britain last year with the success of Hopin, a video conferencing program launched from his girlfriend’s London apartment in 2020.

Last year, the platform for hypergrowth measures was valued at £ 5.6 billion and raised a staggering £ 750 million.

It has grown from a few hundred event creators using its platform, to hundreds of thousands of organizations, with millions of attendees coming to the event each month.

Sincerely writes in 2020 after a round of Serie A 32 million pounds, CEO Bufarhat showed how a rare and severe reaction to drugs caused him to “allergy to the world” – and eventually led to Hopin.

Also in the top five in the list of young rich were 30-year-old identical twins Oliver and Alexander Kent-Breham, founders of online car insurer Marshmallow.

Sharing a fortune of £ 455 million, the brothers are the richest new entrants. Estimated at £ 900 million, Marshmallows last year became one of the first unicorns launched by black entrepreneurs of British descent and was 10th on our InsurTech 50 rating.

The Kent-Brahms, who jointly own just over half of Marshmallow, studied at Reeds, Surrey’s paid school, where former tennis number 1 Tim Henman once studied in the UK. Although they both played tennis in the UK under the age of 16, the twins abandoned the dream of becoming professionals to found the Marshmallows.

By comparison, 29-year-old Frenchman Paul Pogba of Manchester United is the richest footballer on the list with a fortune of £ 77 million.

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Christian Facy – co-founder of AudioMob, a technology company also launched in 2020, which develops audio advertising in the game – is ranked 15th in the list of young rich along with the star of Manchester City and England Rahim Sterling. Both are worth £ 50 million.

AudioMob has succeeded with customers from artists such as Ed Sheeran and Us, as well as brands such as Intel, Jeep and KitKat.

“Previously, the” List of the Young Rich “was dominated by musicians and footballers. Now we find a wave of twenty or so entrepreneurs who have managed to make a fortune quickly through video blogging, e-sports and retail on Instagram, ”said Robert Watts, who compiles the list of rich people of the Sunday Times.

“Not all of these business founders need millions of pounds in investment or the ability to codify. Many have been able to build global businesses using just a phone, laptop and Instagram account – an intuitive, easy-to-use technology that millions of people can access without harm.

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Tech scaleup founders crack Sunday Times Young Rich List top 5

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