Mr Starmer was campaigning with Israeli Labor officials in an attempt to distance himself from Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. Dan Hodges, a political columnist for the Daily Mail, tweeted: “John Curtis says it’s very likely that Cyrus Starmer won’t be able to say he did better than Jeremy Corbyn in his best local election.”

The best Labor result in the local election led by Jeremy Corbyn was in 2018.

Mr Starmer launched his party’s local election campaign, promising to help families affected by rising living costs.

He accused the Conservatives of a “pathetic” reaction to rising prices and promised to cut energy bills through an unexpected tax from oil and gas companies.

Sir Keir said he would “fight for every vote” in local elections in England, Scotland and Wales.

Local councils are responsible for everything from bunkers, bus routes and potholes, to the provision of mental health services, decision-making on application planning and the management of climate change schemes.

In England more than 4,000 council members in 146 councils are elected in major cities including Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham and all 32 districts of London.

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Sir Cair reportedly launched a Labor campaign, saying that under the Conservatives families would be averaging £ 2,620 a year worse.

Their figure represents a combination of different costs – £ 1,000 tax, £ 1,000 energy / petrol prices and around £ 300 each on food and mortgage costs.

The Labor leader also promised to change employment laws to prevent “scandals like P&O” – a reference to a ferry company that laid off 800 employees without consultation to replace them with cheaper agency workers.


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