Side steps, raw gas and diving finish. You wouldn’t expect anything less from a season attempt, right?

The old Albanian faced Hinckley in the National Rugby League back in September, and that’s the number from the game that just won the ‘Try Of The Season’ on 2021/2022. It’s a stunning run from Alex Nut.

Hinckley cleared their lines right into the grateful hands of Nuta, who begins his epic journey to white from his 22. Probably, the audience was expecting something special from the old Albanian extreme defender, as one can hear someone shouting, “Go Nuta, Go!” Before he even caught the ball.

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“Nuti” begins his run with the brand step Quade Cooper (like you!), Bouncing in the air before shaking his body and change direction, breaking through the crowded line of defense. The hot stepper impressively makes his way through two more players, leaving the first person in the dust.

It’s just an open road for Nut when he turns on the farce so no one can catch him. As if all this wasn’t enough, he dives across the line of attempt. It’s the icing on the cake to complete the true electrification.

Cranes Defender received 45% of the vote on Twitter for his efforts, and viewers were dead convinced that “Try Of The Season” was supposed to be Nuta when the poll was first downloaded.

“Alex Nut, 100%, one of the best attempts I’ve ever seen.” said one.

“Alex Nutt all day.” Said another.

The old Albanian won the game 32-26, and Nuta’s attempt proved decisive when they took the spoils. This is a number that some of us only dream of.

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