Disrespect for the dead can thus be considered a war crime (Photo: AP)

The bodies of Russian servicemen were found on the ground in the form of a “Z” – a symbol of Vladimir Putin’s invasion.

A horrific demonstration was seen in the village of Stary Saltau and is considered an act of revenge for the invasion Ukrainesaid at a Pentagon briefing.

It is about 30 miles from the northeastern city of Kharkiv, from where Russian soldiers are expelled.

Putin’s forces have been pushed back about 25 miles east of Ukraine’s second-largest city – as Ukrainian troops seize towns and villages in their path.

The outskirts of Kharkov look like an open-air morgue, where dead bodies lie unclaimed and inexplicable, sometimes for weeks on end.

The charred body of the man, unidentified, rests on an anti-tank curtain of crossed I-beams outside the city, which in recent days has been under the control of both sides.

Meanwhile, four dead soldiers were found on the floor, believed to be Russians positioned in a Z shape as a military symbol on the country’s military vehicles.

The remains of two people in the burnt car after the bombing of Kharkiv by Russia (Photo: AP)
Civilians were also found dead in their homes when Ukrainian forces recaptured Kharkiv (Photo: AP)

They wore white bandages commonly used among Russian soldiers, and next to them were their own medical children.

The bodies are visible to Russian military drones, which are constantly buzzing from above, which further humiliates the Kremlin.

Corpses of civilians were also found in apartments and burned-out buildings in the city.

How all this happened is unclear, but most likely it concerns war crimes.

Kharkiv has been under constant Russian attack since the start of the war in late February.

As Russia’s offensive in the east intensified, Putin’s pressure intensified.

The building was badly damaged after several Russian shellings (Photo: AP)

The territory on the eastern outskirts of the city, which is considered a strategic and industrial award, for several weeks passed between Russian and Ukrainian forces.

Fighting is moving from village to village, and many, but not all, of the 1 million Kharkiv residents have fled.

Any of these discoveries can be considered a war crime for disrespect for the dignity of the dead.

Now the families of the Russians will be checked to inform the family.

But even that is hard to unravel. On the body of a man with Ukrainian insignia were the certificates of a Russian soldier.

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Ukrainian serviceman gestures to destroyed Russian helicopter on the outskirts of Malaya Rohan village, Kharkiv region (Photo: Reuters)

The apartment where the three bodies were found was heavily shelled, but it was not clear that they were killed.

It was a rare sight at the death and atrocities of war. Getting a complete picture of the deployment of the battle in eastern Ukraine was difficult because air strikes and artillery shelling made the movement of journalists extremely dangerous.

Russia has severely restricted reporting in the war zone. The Ukrainian government has imposed smaller restrictions, mainly on how quickly materials or military facilities can be published.

A senior US defense official said in Washington on Monday that Ukrainian forces had managed to push Russian forces away from Kharkiv over the past 48 hours, even as it was bombed from the air.

Now the Russians are pushed 25 miles east of the city, further into the Donbass region, the official said on condition of anonymity.

According to the Red Cross, the mutilation of the dead in international armed conflicts includes the war crime “attempt to infringe on personal dignity.”

This is provided by the Statute of the International Criminal Court, which in accordance with the elements of the crimes also applies to the dead.

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Bodies of Russian soldiers laid out in ‘Z’ shape after Ukrainians retake village

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