Government buildings of Ukraine are located in the area of ​​Kyiv, which is completely closed.

Passing through checkpoints and empty streets, we arrive at the president’s office.

For security reasons, this area and its heavy fortifications cannot be photographed or filmed. We are here for a rare meeting with one of the presidents Vladimir Zelenskyi closest advisers.

Mikhail Padalyak greets me with a firm handshake, dressed in branded military clothing, similar to his commander-in-chief.

“Panic” in the Kremlin – news about Ukraine

“Politicians are too concerned with how Russia they will answer when they lose this war,” Mikhail Padalyak tells me.

If the UK, the US and the EU can find an answer to this question, he says, they can end this war “in a matter of months at the most. It’s not a matter of years, as everyone says. It’s a matter of three, five months … The speed of liberation in Kharkiv was more than 8,500 square kilometers in just four or five days. This is an example of how it could happen.”

In recent weeks, Ukrainian forces have achieved stunning success on the battlefield in the northeast of the country.

In Kiev, the next steps of the counteroffensive remain a closely guarded secret, but Mr. Padalyak tells me that it is “a mistake” to think the war will stop this winter.

“It will continue with the same intensity,” he adds.

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What will Putin do next?

With the UN General Assembly in New York, Ukraine’s frustration that Russia still has a seat at the head table is becoming apparent.

“We would like to see a greater influence of the General Assembly on Russia’s behavior. In particular, its exclusion from the UN Security Council, so that more effective decisions can be made,” says Mr. Padalyak.

Peace talks between Moscow and Kyiv have stopped.

I was told that Ukraine will no longer hold any negotiations with Russia regarding the end of the war until all Russian troops are withdrawn from Ukraine, including Crimea and eastern Donbass. The only talks between the two countries on an official level are prisoner exchanges.

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Great Britain has doubled its support to Ukraine

It is unrealistic to expect Vladimir Putin to withdraw his troops from Ukraine.

After all, Russia still occupies about a fifth of the country, and this war is far from over. This leaves the only option for Ukraine to drive them out of the country by winning this war.

Mr. Padalyak says that the biggest obstacle to ending the war is the international community’s fear of Russia’s reaction.

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“The partner countries have no understanding of what will happen next. Everyone is used to the fact that the Russian Federation is a monster in its behavior. That Russia should be afraid… That’s what keeps the world from helping us. more intensively and helping Ukraine put an end to this war.”

An adviser to President Zelensky says that international allies cannot allow themselves to be blackmailed by the fear of nuclear weapons.

“If Russia takes part of the territory of Ukraine, it will show other countries, for example Iran, #Get nuclear weapons and you can take other people’s land.”

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