A Bachelor of Nation The star had a reality test when she realized that the yoga school she joined was more like a cult – a sex cult.

Ashley FreckletonThe 28-year-old former participant of the current ninth season Bachelor Australiaspoke in detail about her experience in an interview with an Australian women’s media group Mamamia, published last week. The reality star, a speech pathologist, said that on the recommendation of a friend she entered a yoga school in Romania, which she did not name. Freckleton said she was told to strip naked, as well as photographed and interviewed about her devotion to the group’s guru.

She told the publication, “Even though my body tells me it’s wrong, I’m embarrassed to think,‘ It’s your ego. You need to develop spiritually. You have to make your way, keep going. “

Freckleton said female participants were encouraged to be close to each other. She said there were views of basic pornography, striptease advertised as women’s empowerment activities, and orgies with urine play, claiming that urine was “charged with spiritual energy.” She said she refused to attend.


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