Marcelo Peci was shot dead in Cartagena, Colombia, while he and reporter Claudio Aguilera were sunbathing (Photo: Handout / Ministerio Publico de Paraguay / AFP)

The best lawyer who imprisoned gangsters and drug dealers was killed by gunmen during a honeymoon with his pregnant wife.

Marcel Peci was filmed in Cartagena, Colombia, when he and reporter Claudio Aguilera were sunbathing on the beach after their wedding in April.

A few hours earlier, she posted a photo of a couple posing in children’s shoes, writing: “The best wedding gift … the approach of life, which is a testament to the sweetest love.”

A 45-year-old Paraguayan from Pecs was killed by two men near the Decameron Baru Hotel. His wife – who was not injured – said that one of the gunmen got off the jet ski and “without saying a word shot Marcel twice, once in the face and the second time in the back.”

The killers also fired on a guard who was not injured.

Paraguayan President Mario Abda Benitez has condemned the “cowardly murder” and vowed to double the war on organized crime.

Police Chief General Jorge Luis Vargas said Mr Peci was one of the most protected people in his homeland after the “investigation into international terrorism” (Photo: Handout / Ministerio Publico de Paraguay / AFP)

Speaking for the first time about the crime on Tuesday morning, Mrs Aguilera said: “The day started quietly and we decided to go to the beach after breakfast, the view is impressive and it’s our honeymoon”.

In quotes from the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo, she added: “Two men attacked Marcel.

“I think they got to the beach on a small boat or jet ski, but the truth is I didn’t see it properly.”

Describing how the killers escaped on the same jet ski they took to the beach, she said: “We were helped by other people who were on the beach, but he was already dead.”

She told the newspaper: “We have not received any threats.

“Everything happened so fast. I clearly remember only the shots and Marcel on the sand.

The couple got married last month and celebrated their honeymoon
Entrance to the Decameron Baru Hotel, Colombia on Tuesday, where Marcelo Peci stayed (Photo: EPA)

“The man went straight to Marcel, he just looked at him and shot him, he said nothing.”

The criminal investigation department of the “high command” was sent to Cartagena, said Colombian Defense Minister Diego Molana.

Paraguayan and U.S. officials will be included in the unit to help identify and bring the perpetrators to justice, police said.

Mr Pecs was investigating several high-profile cases in Paraguay, including a shooting at a concert in January that killed an alleged drug dealer and the footballer’s wife.

Paraguay is the largest producer of marijuana in South America.

Growing the plant is still illegal in this country, and much of the crop is smuggled to Argentina and Brazil.

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Anti-mafia prosecutor is shot dead while on honeymoon with his pregnant wife

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