• Cloud Cx Regulatory Services platform to increase automation and Internet access for 180,000 citizens and 4,800 businesses
  • Council officers will have more time to spend on critical customer-focused tasks
  • The new platform will support mobile work on multiple Council sites, homework and fieldwork

Citizens across St. Helens District Council will soon benefit from improved online services and digital inclusion through a new five-year partnership between the Council and the public sector software provider Civica.

A new cloud Cx Regulatory Services The platform will increase opportunities under trade standards, environmental protection, housing assistance and law enforcement.

Cx will also help increase the capacity of Council officers by reducing unnecessary administrators and double data processing. This will include automatically generated reminders or automated decisions about the next required action based on recorded data.

Strong integration capabilities mean that the Board can use existing software to ensure consistent service throughout the organization. Citizens will benefit from easier online access, which provides a faster way to submit requests, view the status of their applications and download the required documentation from anywhere at any time. Faster and more accurate responses to customer inquiries are likely to reduce incoming calls and visits.

Tony Smith, head of regulation at the St. Helens District Council, said: “This renewed partnership with Civica will help us reduce our reliance on our IT and support more flexible work on all of our sites, as well as our staff working at home and in community. Ultimately, it will allow our customers to interact with us in the easiest way, with the quickest resolution of inquiries – and help us focus on those areas that are most important to local people. ”

Emily Douglin, Head of Civica, added: “We are excited to continue working with St Helens to help further the transformation of digital services for both citizens and employees. Through an intelligent workflow and expanded reporting, the Cx Regulatory Services platform will improve customer experience and help the Board develop even better regulatory services in the future. ”

St Helens chooses Civica’s regulatory services software to improve citizen experience

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