Sophie Porley said she was rushed to surgery to remove an ovarian cyst.

The 29-year-old girl best known for her role as Eli Nightingale Holliaxwent to her Instagram feed to update her 171,000 fans, explaining that she was in the process of freezing eggs when doctors made the discovery.

After posting a mirror selfie, she shared the caption: “Thank you for the wonderful messages I received after being in the Interior Ministry for 24 hours, I honestly didn’t think anyone would notice,” and then a smiley face appeared with a red heart.

Sophie, who recently shared a peak in her beautiful homeand then continued, “I passed a blood test and scanned – my hormones are still not quite perfect, but they have improved, so after talking to the doctor we decided to give it a try this month and hope for the best!

“It can only mean that we don’t collect as many eggs as they hoped.”

Sophie Porley said she underwent emergency surgery for an ovarian cyst

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Sophie went on to say that paramedics found a cyst in her ovary, which meant she needed surgery.

“I also had a cyst on my ovary, so I was booked for surgery yesterday. Everything went well, I was just pretty sleepy all day after sedation, ”she shared, assuring fans that she was fine.

Sophie then spoke about the process of freezing eggs and the difficulties she has experienced so far, as she shared: “Something I didn’t like was the first time I injected myself. The clinic doesn’t show you how to do it. send home with everything you need and a video on YouTube.I will not lie, I fucked and had a few tears.

“I think it’s a pretty isolating experience because everyone in the clinic feels pretty hurried. They do it all day every day, so I’m sure for them it’s just another day. While for me it’s extraordinary and new. But I have two days to give myself injections, and it’s easier, and it really doesn’t hurt, it was more of a thought. “

Sophie assured fans that she is feeling well after the surgery
Sophie assured fans that she is feeling well after the surgery

Describing the “intensive” experience, Sophie continued, “So now I’m going to go to the clinic every day to take blood tests so they can tell me how many drugs I need to inject each day. And the next day I go through a scan So it’s pretty intense.

“I know that other clinics don’t require people to visit so often for blood tests, so other people may have a completely different experience than I do. This is my first-hand story. ”

Sophie, who left Hollyoaks after three years ago in 2018promised to keep her thousands of fans informed of how things are going before announcing that she would be happy to answer questions.

The soap star later posted her stories on Instagram to share pictures of herself in blue scrubs as she raised her thumb up.

Sophie reassured fans that her cyst was "absolutely fine"
Sophie reassured fans that her cyst was “absolutely normal”

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“Thanks for your posts!” She wrote this using emoticons with a red heart. “I was at the Ministry of Internal Affairs yesterday when my ovarian cyst was removed. Give details of the clothes, ”followed by a crying emoji laugh.

Sophie then shared what happened to her ovarian cyst, and shared, “My cyst was completely normal and absolutely normal, and if I hadn’t frozen the egg, I would never have known I had it. She could have stayed there and could have apparently disappeared by itself. We women feel them all the time and they come and go, in most cases it’s perfectly normal. ”

She continued, “We just had to remove mine because it gives me a better chance of getting more eggs for some reason, but I don’t know why.”

Sophie said removing the cyst gives her a better chance of getting more eggs
Sophie said removing the cyst gives her a better chance of getting more eggs

Fans were quick to comment when one person wrote, “Good luck with this sof, it’s hardcore! Defo injections get easier the more you make them. I’ll do anything for a better result.” with smileys with a red heart.

Another shared: “I hope you get better soon, Sophie is sorry to hear about the cyst.”

While a third added, “You have this cute xxx” along with a smiley face with a red heart.

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