Clearly, Salesforce is the last firm to stop hiring as there are increasingly reports of freezes and layoffs affecting technicians. Twitter, Meta and Uber are among the companies that have slowed hiring for various reasons in recent weeks amid rising inflation and ongoing stock market sell-offs.

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, organizations have accelerated their digital transformation to support new ways of working and engaging customers,” said Jamie Cohn, Gartner’s director of HR practice research. “Technical companies have been at the center of all this. Now they are taking a step back to re-evaluate what they need for future growth. That’s why these frosts are most likely short-term pauses. “

The freeze in large technology companies contrasts with the wider environment of recruiting technicians with a constant lack of talent.

“Outside the technology industry, the demand for technical roles is still quite high,” Cohn said. “Many companies are still struggling with the set of talent needed to support their growing technology needs. Technical workers will still have many options in the job market, even if they do not work in large technology companies. ”

Salesforce cloud software provider will suspend recruitment for certain open roles to control costs, reports internal note reviewed by Business Insider. Some corporate travel and outbound companies will also be canceled, it said in a statement on Wednesday. (In a statement, Salesforce still plans to hire 4,000 employees this quarter.)

Meta, which owns Facebook, also plans to suspend new employees in some engineering positions Edge, who received a record of an internal comprehensive meeting in the company. The hiring freeze comes after a decision to cut costs in certain areas at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, including the creation of video and audio calling features for Zoom competition and new features for purchases.

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