SIX golden eagles were moved from the Highlands to a secret location in the Borders over the summer in the latest phase of the reintroduction programme.

The Southern Scottish Golden Eagle Project estimates there are around 40 birds in the area – more than 300 years old.

The project is now being prepared for the Golden Eagle Festival in Moffat September 16-18.

He is also competing for this year’s National Lottery Project of the Year with a public vote to close the award on October 9.

Kat Barlow, Southern Scotland Golden Eagle Project Manager, said: “It is very exciting to know that our six new arrivals have brought the local golden eagle population to the highest number recorded in the area for three centuries.

“As a top predator, this majestic bird of prey is fundamental to the protection of our local ecosystem.

“Prior to the start of our project, there were only three pairs nesting in the south of Scotland.

“We have now more than trebled the population and although all seem to have settled in the south of Scotland, some of our birds have even traveled as far south as the Forest of Bowland in Lancashire, where the species has been extinct for a long time. number of years”.

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Another six golden eagles moved to the south

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