We’re in the middle of a season of recruiting newbies when it comes down to it Fantasy football dynasty. The more data becomes available and the further we move away from the 2022 NFL Draft, the more reliable the ADP becomes. If we then go into our own drafts, we can see where the value is and where we may need to trade to achieve the desired goal. Let’s take a look at the 2022 fantasy football rookie layout based on the current ADP.

In this draft draft we will do things a little differently. Instead of telling you who I choose, we will lay out consensus newcomers layout adp from Sleeper right now according to data collected by Twitter users Adeiko_FF. We will then consider what this means in terms of how you should approach drafts in the coming days.

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ADP data is 60 bullying newbies made in the last week. All 60 are leagues of 12 teams with a mix of TE scoring parameters.

1.01) Bryce Hall, New York Jets (RB1)

At the moment it really seems like the only way you get it Bryce Hall on a novice draft – this is when you have the first choice. There is a 5% chance that Hall will pick 2, but about 95% of the time he will take first.

With uncertainty in the rest of the running room, this makes it possible if you keep the first choice. The cost of the Hall can never be higher than it is now. So if you are uploaded to RB, why not buy this option and see what offers you get. The desperate A9 owner may well offer a solid package with more security and equal revenue.

1.02) Kenneth Walker III, Seattle Seahawks (RB2)

The second choice is where it gets interesting. Not surprisingly, Kenneth Walker III currently selected only with the first choice of 0.4% of drafts. So Walker is practically a castle to be there with a second fold. It then decreases to 55.7% availability with the third choice and 28.8% with the fourth.

With that in mind, if you pick out the top four, you’ll most likely have to trade to get Walker. As for whether you should, now I have a very strong attitude towards Walker.

The opportunity presented to the young RB in the heavy attack of the Seahawks without a clear QB1 is huge. Combine this with the uncertainty of the injury for Chris Carson and Rashaad Penny’s predisposition to injury, and Walker could easily become an RB1 of that class if we look back over the next few years.

1.03) Drake London, Atlanta Falcons (WR1)

After the hall, Drake London equals Kenny Pickett as the next most likely player to be selected first overall. Despite this, it only happens in 1.6% of leagues. There is a 74% chance that London will be available at number 3 overall and up to 20% if we choose 5.

London is definitely an intriguing option in terms of volume. He has the opportunity to prove himself as a primary receiver, but will have Kyle Pitts and Cordarrelle Patterson pick up targets. The uncertainty of Marcus Marriott and Desmond Ryder is a cause for concern. However, the Falcons have to chase after many games in the next year or two, so if you need a receiver to get to the ground, London may be the option.

1.04) Traylan Berks, Tennessee Titans (WR2)

After the Titans essentially changed AJ Brown to Traylon Berks, not surprisingly, the former Arkansas receiver with ADP is fourth overall. Berks goes beyond this choice in only 50% of cases and is selected fourth overall in 25% of drafts.

Berks is another player who has to manage a high percentage of targets. However, the Titans are usually the first team, and in the short term it hurts his side. It is also expected that the Titans will be competitive this year. So we could see that they are in the lead, which could further damage Berks ’capabilities. Burks may not be the best choice in the short term, but in the long run, its ceiling is definitely worth its current ADP.

1.05) Gareth Wilson, New York Jets (WR3)

Unlike Berks, Gareth Wilson landed in a great place for its short-lived dynasty value. Sure, the Jets took Hall in the second round, but we have no idea what their game behind that line will look like. It is also expected that the Jets will chase the games a lot. Wilson has more competition for goals, but there should be more targets to get around.

That’s why he essentially sees a similar ADP model to Berks. Wilson is available with a fourth choice in 78% of cases and with a fifth choice in 58% of cases. It then drops by almost 30% to select 6, indicating the exact end of the level. So if you want Wilson to get up, you’ll most likely have to trade in the top five.

1.06) Jameson Williams, Detroit Lyons (WR4)

Jameson Williams has the potential to steal novice drafts, especially in the short term. Take all the positive points we said about the guys above and they all have you in Williams. He has to manage a decent share of the targets, and the lions could chase a lot.

Williams also possesses the speed of haumrans, thanks to which he can make several exciting long landings that are gold for fantasy managers. Available over 80% of the time with the sixth choice, if you need a receiver, sit at six and take Williams – a smart move.

1.07) Kenny Pickett, Pittsburgh Steelers (QB1)

Gave the subtleties of superflex Kenny Picket amazing ADP profile. In fact, it is periodically selected during the first round and it can be difficult to predict. Much will depend on the situations of the defenders in your league.

If you have a player who chooses early, who desperately needs QB, expect Pickett to leave sooner. If this is not the case, it is available in 25% of cases with the ninth choice in drafts.

1.08) Chris Olau, New Orleans Saints (WR5)

If the situation with QB in New Orleans was better, you could imagine Chris Olav be with his former Ohio teammate in the ADP. However, he has the ability in what is largely a secondary reception group other than Michael Thomas and Jarvis Landry. However, there is uncertainty around both of them. If they fail to return to the previous path, then Olawa can prove himself as WR1.

1.09) Sky Moore, Kansas City Chiefs (WR6)

Judging what to do with Skye Moore is difficult, and it is reflected in his ADP profile. There is a clear difference in ADP from Tin to Moore, with Moore being selected in only 10% of the top seven. The problem is that the opportunity in Kansas City looks perfect, but we’ve seen players struggling to make the most of it.

Moore seems like a huge game with a ninth pick, but it also reflects the uncertainty that exists after the top eight. Moore is the choice of swing type for fencing, and the guy who goes behind may be the best player for that.

1.10) Christian Watson, Green Bay Packers (WR7)

There are many expectations Christian Watson. Anyone who expected to catch passes from Aaron Rogers gets that expectation. However, being on the board 80% of the time with the ninth pick shows that the hype for Watson hasn’t escalated. He has talent and the ability to be an intriguing value here.

1.11) James Cook, Buffalo Bills (RB3)

Don’t get carried away by the title when reading this fantastic mannequin for beginners. So far James Cook is the brother of Dalwin Cook, they have very different backs. They are also in very different situations in terms of who is next to them. The bills have a high-octane passage of crime, and Josh Allen plays, in effect, on the goal line, outside of his QB duties.

The ceiling for Cook is extremely limited. This reflects the fact that it is available with the last choice of the first round in 50% of draft novices. At this point, gambling on RB is never a mistake, but an earlier start should be avoided.

1.12) George Pickens, Pittsburgh Steelers (WR8)

Whenever Steelers choose a wide receiver, there will always be excitement. It was no different with George Pickens, who has all the tools to succeed in the NFL, but has many question marks. Immediately the QB situation is a matter of concern that needs to be addressed. Pickens ’short-term value seems to be limited by this, but in terms of talent here there is certainly potential for incredible value.

2022 Dynasty Fantasy Football Rookie Mock Draft: Should you trade up for Kenneth Walker III?

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