Thomas Rath it’s the whole package and more.

Yes, he is a singer, hit creator who recently added his 17th single number 1 Billboarda diagram of the country to his summary. But it’s not just his music that conquers us. Take, for example, the family and the life he created with his wife Lauren Akins, his school favorite.

Back in 2017, the couple had one of the best pregnancy reports they shared the news that Lauren not only was pregnant, but they were also taking a child from Uganda. The family then increased with the addition of their third daughter in 2019. And now the parents Villa Gray5, Ada James4 and Lennon Love18 months waiting the girl is not. 4.

“Well … we’re pregnant again,” he shared on Instagram in May. Tonight, when I was on stage in Fort Worth, was going to play “with guys who date my girls,” my wife talked to me in May (ear monitors) and said, “You can tell them if you want.” , so anyway, now you know We’re excited to give birth to our 4th baby girl ”.

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