Now that’s a pattern of behavior.

A behind-the-scenes look at the photo shoot of the lead role North, Holy, Chicago and Psalm Zahad was shared with Kim Kardashian and North’s joint TikTok account on October 25 — and it’s picture perfect.

As seen in the video, 4-year-old Chicago wore an all-denim look paired with gold jewelry and boots on set. As for North, the 9-year-old showed off a variety of poses and expressions in a Tommy Hilfiger ensemble of baggy pants, a top, and an oversized bomber jacket.

But the remarkable appearance did not stop there. Saint, 6, wore a flannel button down paired with khaki shoes. Meanwhile, 3-year-old Psalm, like his older brother, was spotted on set wearing khaki pants paired with a black button-down jacket.

Fans also got to see what was happening on set beyond the stills, like Psalm eating a rice krispie treat and having a little dance party backstage. Hey, he knows how to keep the energy up on set!'s-kids-north-saint-chicago-and-psalm-show-their-modeling-skills-during-photo-shoot?cmpid=rss-syndicate-genericrss-us-top_stories