London Mayor Sadiq Khan has written to the police asking for a “detailed explanation” of the party’s gates investigation – after photos showed the prime minister was “caught red-handed” at an event for which he was not fined.

Mr. Khan asked Acting Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Stephen House how decisions were made on whether to impose fines for violating the blocking regime in individual cases.

Formerly the mayor told Sky News that the recently published photos of Boris Johnson holding a booze out in November 2020 were a “smoky gun”.

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A spokesman for Met said he had nothing to add to a statement issued last week alleging that an investigation into events violating the blockade on Downing Street and Whitehall was over, and 126 cases involving 83 people were sent to fixed fines. .

Number 10 said he would not comment.

A spokesman for the mayor – who oversees police in the capital – said Mr Khan had written to explain “factors taken into account by investigators when deciding to take action in individual cases” in the investigation. .

“He asked them to take steps to also reassure Londoners by giving them this explanation directly, because he is concerned that Londoners’ trust and confidence in the police are being further undermined due to a lack of clarity,” the spokesman said.

The letter came after the Liberal Democrats wrote Monday to the Police Protection, the Independent Police Behavior (IOPC), asking to investigate the Met Police investigation to establish and publish the process by which the detectives came to their conclusions.

Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader Daisy Cooper said the lack of transparency was likely to “create significant confusion in society” and that it was difficult to understand why some junior staff received fines for events attended by the prime minister and he did not. .

On Tuesday, the IOPC confirmed that it had received the complaint and was sending it to Meteor, as required by law, which would then decide whether a referral to supervision was required.

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Ministers shy away from Partygate issues

The The Prime Minister himself received a fixed notice of the fine due to a separate meeting on his birthday in June 2020, but a police investigation last week found he had not been fined for other events.

Grant Shaps, the transport minister, told Sky News that Mr Johnson was “clearly not” playing in the November 2020 photos obtained by ITV News.

But Mr Khan told Sky News: “Obviously there was a party – he was raising a glass, there were empty bottles of wine … I think the police should explain how they came to the conclusion, it’s right they are doing it.

“Those who broke the rules were fined, and here we have a photo that looks like the prime minister was caught red-handed if he breaks the rules – some would call it gun smoking.”

The photos appeared ahead of the expected publication this week of a full report by Sue Gray’s senior civil servant party business.

Disputes unfolded meeting of Mrs. Gray and the Prime Minister – details of which were first revealed by Sky News and which is now recognized by number 10, initiated by its officials after this information was initially refuted by ministers.

A source told Sky News that at the meeting Mr Johnson said Ms Gray should consider abandoning the report.

Number 10 said the Prime Minister did not ask her to leave the report or not to continue it.

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“The Prime Minister was at the party? No, he wasn’t

Mr Johnson is also facing a parliamentary inquiry into whether he misled parliament by telling lawmakers after details of the November 2020 event were first published that “instructions were followed and rules were followed all the time”.

Sir Roger Gale, Tory fever and longtime critic of Mr Johnson, told Sky News: “It is clear what was said in Parliament on the box: did there be a party on Downing Street? Street on November 13?

“The Prime Minister’s response: no. The photo says: yes.

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