The unnamed woman is accused of organizing the sale of the child five days after its birth (photo: @mvd_dagestan/Newsflash)

A mother accused of selling her newborn son for £3,000 to pay for a nose job has been arrested by police.

Nameless woman, from Dagestan, south Russiaas they say, she told her friend that she did not want to leave the child.

She then arranged for the couple to buy the baby just five days after he was born on April 25, according to prosecutors.

Police say the 33-year-old mother gave her son to the couple for a bail of just 20,000 rubles (£274).

But the baby needed hospital treatment, and doctors asked the couple who bought it for a birth certificate, authorities said.

The pair then asked the woman for the document, which she gave them in exchange for an additional 100,000 rubles (£1,370) on May 26, police added.

Ironically, the woman told the couple that she intended to spend the money on a cosmetic nose job.

The woman who allegedly bought the child (Photo: @mvd_dagestan/News)

But before the pair could hand over the balance of 200,000 rubles, or £2,730, police arrested the group for human trafficking.

The report of the investigation says that a criminal case has been opened against a 33-year-old resident of Kaspiysk.

It is believed that the husband and his wife were encouraged by a neighbor to take the child after learning about the situation with the mother. MailOnline reports.

“I befriended her and offered her to give the child to a family that could no longer have children,” a neighbor told the police.

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Mum arrested for ‘selling five-day-old son for £3,000 to pay for nose job’

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