Is this the strangest attempt at rugby FOR WHEN? The English star makes a pass to score, but waits more than TWO MINUTES before putting the ball – that’s why the other team allowed him to do it

  • English seven star Will Homer made a surprising attempt against Argentina, who lost more than two minutes in time at the recent rugby seven tournament
  • Renowned referee Nigel Owens called the play “gentlemanly behavior”
  • Twitter users have accused both sides of participating in farcical scenes

English star Will Homer has made one of the most amazing attempts ever seen at the World Rugby Sevens tournament, crossing the line, but waiting more than two minutes to put the ball in farcical scenes while playing billiards between England and Argentina.

With a score of 19 – zero in Argentina – which already had six people – Homer broke the line and ran the length of the field intact, but decided to turn the clock instead of immediately planting the ball.

To reach the quarterfinals, the Argentines needed a victory, and to reach the quarterfinals of England only had to lose with less than 16 points.

Homer’s attempt meant they would lose by a score of 12 – or 14 on a successful conversion – so he waited until time was running out before touching the ball to make sure Los Pumas had no chance to try themselves and throw England out of the tournament.

English rugby seven star Will Homer lost more than two minutes after killing Argentina, refereeing legend Nigel Owens (inset) called “gentlemanly behavior”.

The Cougars seemed happy to be allowed to turn the clock around – if he scored too quickly, there was a chance England could make two more quick attempts and knock them out of the next round.

The Argentine players were even recalled by their own coach until a staggering situation unfolded in French Toulouse on 21 May.

Time seemed to come to a halt when Homer made a break from the 10-yard line, with a quick half-fight allowing for a staggering 146 seconds after he crossed the line before finally putting the ball in England’s 19-7 defeat.

Homer looks at the England bench, whether he should continue to spend time before scoring a goal.

Homer looks at the England bench, whether he should continue to spend time before scoring a goal.

Fans rushed to blow up the situation on social media, although many debated whether it was against Rugby Sevens rules or not.

One user referred to the rules, saying: “England needed to be punished. The referee knows better. Law 9.7.d wasting time Law 9.27 against the spirit of good sportsmanship. ‘

Others put most of the blame on the Argentines, saying: “No law has been broken, no time has been wasted if the Argentines could try to stop it.”

The original tweet video has been viewed more than 800,000 times, highlighting how amazing the attempt was.

The most authoritative voice on the situation came from Welsh refereeing legend Nigel Owens, who said he would not have allowed the situation to unfold if he had been the whistleblower.

Homer eventually took more than two minutes to put the ball off after going through the attempt.

Homer eventually took more than two minutes to put the ball off after going through the attempt.

In an interview with Wales Online, Owens said: “No one wants to see something like this in a game. The referee has the right to impose a sanction if he considers that the action is equal to non-gentlemanly conduct and contrary to the spirit of the game.

“The England player, who broke away against Argentina, had to put the ball off without delay. By law, the referee has the right to order him to postpone it and act in the spirit of the game.

“If I had faced and faced with such a situation, I would have punished the player. The duty lay on the carrier of the ball, who crossed the line of attempt to put the ball.

The fact that the World Rugby Sevens Twitter account called the play “unique, amazing and controversial” seems to indicate that the governing body was not a fan of the game.

Ironically, both sides met in the playoffs for fifth place later in the tournament, and Argentina came out of the triumph again, winning 21-12. Fiji won the tournament, beating Ireland 29-17 in the final.


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