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An unbelievable night for them Milwaukee Brewers y Noisy Telez may 04 on May to set a French record. In the Victory of the Year 4-18 about the Cincinnati Reds, which insures the Ganada series before the divisional rival, Tellez has entered the history of the team Brewers.

Rowdy Tellez has entered the history of Milwaukee Brewers in the French record

From where they lie Milwaukee Brewers, Noisy Telez show the great power that you have with the bat and get rid of the title in the first base of the team. Anoche tuvo en su segundo turno del juego su primer Grand Slam de la temporada 2022 con Cerveceros y que ya sentenciaba la victoria en el duel y serie ante los Cincinnati Reds.

But it doesn’t matter to everyone Brewers y Noisy Telez that in the rest of the game I must answer with the bat. On the sixth floor, the second home run of the Telles in the game and the rest of the carriages in the game, in addition to the second pelotero de lotero Milwaukee Brewers in the year of the multi Home Runs. Tellez termino su gran noche en la octava con un doblete que estuvo a nada de volver a ser Grand Slam, llegando así a 8 carreras remolcadas, el pelotero de Cerveceros que más llevó al home en un solo juego.

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MLB: Rowdy Tellez con noche histórica de poder en Milwaukee Brewers

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