He wants “wealth creators, entrepreneurs” to step up and make the world a better place.

Let’s leave aside how much CBI members are true creators of wealth – most of them just administrators, like the chancellor – how do they feel about that?

Well, that’s just a few days ago CBI CEO Tony Dunker said. Immediate support for the poor to cope with the cost of living crisis is a “moral imperative,” and “unacceptable” when people have to choose between heating and food, he said.

He wants to tax cuts to stimulate investment, but since there are no circumstances in which the CBI does not want tax cuts, we can skip this.

The fact is that the most famous group of business lobbies, using a language that could come from Citizens Advice or even Oxfam, says that business is not the solution to the current situation.

The Conservative Party wants to take a step back from controlling the economy and allow its sponsors to do so. And instead, sponsors are asking for constant intervention.

From one level it simply shows how serious the current situation is and how bad it can get. On the other hand, it’s like a shift in thinking.

When it comes to really big problems – say, pandemics – the solution can only come from a big government, even big business talks about it.

Philosophically, intellectually, this is a real problem for people like Rishi Sunak. Everything in his upbringing makes him think that people are better left alone to sort out their lives. The stamps associated with the strings and tides that lift all the boats itch to break out of his mouth.

If he can go back to his little government, cut taxes? Maybe never.


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