redemption of hares The companies announced in the London market have already surpassed the all-time record set in 2018, with more than half a year left.

FTSE 100 The companies are currently planning to buy back 37 billion pounds in 2022, exceeding the previous peak of 34.9 billion pounds in 2018, according to AJ Bell.

Among the biggest offers this year – a buyout of Shell for 6.3 billion pounds, the return of Aviva for 3.8 billion pounds and British American Tobacco by £ 3.2 billion. Last week BP announced a new buyout of £ 2 billionwhich exceeded this year’s figure above all time.

FTSE 250 brick master Ibstock today joined the crowd with his own £ 30 million program.

The company, which makes clay bricks and concrete products, said last month that its results this year will be slightly ahead of previous expectations due to higher sales, which means it can return some money to investors.

AJ Bell Investment Director Ras Mold said the profitability of the buyout “could provide some help to patient investors looking at an overall flat return on capital from the FTSE 100 for the year”.

But Mold also warned that buyout plans could be reconsidered. In 2020, FTSE 100 returned £ 10.2 billion to its shareholders through buyouts, but abandoned plans to buy back another £ 10.3 billion due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Oil giants Shell and BP may face pressure due to their buyout, which was funded by rising oil and gas prices after the invasion of Ukraine. The oil and gas sector is facing increasing demands to introduce a one-time profit tax to help overcome the cost of living crisis.


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