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The team Medias Blancas de Chicago announcing the day of median communication and communication four moves on the rosterthis preview is a double game that will be discussed by the day of the night where you are trying to find Real Kansas City.

Modifications that the Medias Blancas have made on your roster are the following:

  • Davis Martinright launcher, selected from Class AAA to make their debut in the MLB.
  • Kyle Creekright launcher, selected from Class AAA for 27 players.
  • Mikhail Kopechright launcher, assigned to the paternity list.
  • Crochet Garrettlazy lancer, assigned to the list of lesions for 60 days (see the rest of the campaign).

Impact Movies

Adjustments that Medias Blancas de Chicago presentan en esta semana podrían generar el cambio necesario que el equipo dirigido por Tony La Rousseau necesita, esto con el fin de ubicarse en la primera posión de la Division Central de la Liga Americana.

Uno de los movimientos que mayor Impacto tendrá en el equipo de Chicago es la sensible baja por el resto de la temporada de Crochet Garrettwho will be sometido a Tommy John ‘s surgerythis is to replace the collateral ligament of the left side.

The move that the mayor of the Impact on the Short Beach is making his debut in the Grand League of Lanzador, Davis Martin, has a record of 4 wins and a loss between Class AA and Class AAA is a year of efficiency. Las Medias Blancas searches for the double cartelle de el dei de hoy para asi asegurar la serie y asi poder acercarse al primer lugar de la Division Central de la Liga Americana.

Author: Ricardo Marquez
Twitter and Instagram: @richmarquez_

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