Putin blamed Great Britain and the United States for the explosion of pipelines (Photo: EPA/Reuters)

President of Russia Vladimir Insert blamed the “Anglo-Saxons” for the destruction Nord Stream gas pipelines.

Speaking ahead illegal joining of four parts Ukraine, Insert claimed that the west was to blame for the pipeline explosions.

He spoke to thousands of Russians in the St. George’s Hall of the Kremlin.

Photographs show the president signing treaties that will absorb occupied regions of Ukraine into Russia in a lavish ceremony, in violation of international law.

He began his diatribe against the West by focusing on the US and Great Britain, accusing them of sabotage.

Calling the British “Anglo-Saxons,” he said they helped “organize the pipeline explosions in the Balkans.”

Insert also called the US military “tough” before condemning NATO expansion.

He said: “The Anglo-Saxons were not sanctioned enough: they resorted to sabotage.

“It’s hard to believe, but it’s a fact that they organized the explosions on the Nord Stream international gas pipelines.”

He added: “They started to destroy the pan-European energy infrastructure.

“Everyone understands who benefits from it. Of course, it was done by someone who benefits.”

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The President of Russia accused the West of destroying pipelines (Photo: EP)
Russian ambassadors gathered in the Kremlin during Putin’s speech (Photo: Sky News)
Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu was present (photo: Reuters
Moscow-appointed leaders raised their arms in celebration after signing treaties that officially annexed four regions of Ukraine (Photo: AFP)
Russian President Vladimir Putin and Denis Pushilin, Leonid Pasechnik, Vladimir Saldo, Yevgeny Balitsky, who are Russian leaders in the Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions of Ukraine (photo: Reuters)
People gathered in front of screens near the Kremlin and Red Square ahead of a live broadcast of the annexation (Photo: Reuters)

As the ceremony closed, the President Insert and Russian-backed leaders of the captured regions stood behind the crowd.

Spectators in the big hall chanted “Russia!” Russia! Russia!”.

The scene repeated the events of eight years ago, when Insert stood together with the Moscow-appointed rulers of Crimea – the southern Ukrainian peninsula annexed by Russia.

US President Joe Biden criticized Putin’s comments and called them “false statements about the annexation” of Ukraine’s regions.

In his statement, Mr. Biden said that Russia’s annexation of Ukrainian territory “violates international law, the United Nations charter and demonstrates its contempt for peaceful countries everywhere.”

He said: “Make no mistake: these actions have no legitimacy. The United States will always respect Ukraine’s internationally recognized borders.

“We will continue to support Ukraine’s efforts to regain control of its territory by strengthening its military and diplomatic strength, including through the additional US$1.1 billion in security assistance announced this week.”

The president added that the United States “will rally the international community to condemn these steps and hold Russia accountable,” and “will continue to provide Ukraine with the equipment it needs to defend itself, undaunted by Russia’s brazen efforts to redraw its neighbor’s borders.” ‘.

Putin claims come after Yesterday, the fourth gas leak was discovered on the damaged Nord Stream gas pipelines.

Two of them are in the exclusive economic zone of Sweden, and two are in Denmark.

As a result, Norway has announced plans to deploy its military to protect its oil and gas facilities.

Putin said Britain was to blame for the pipeline explosions (Photo: Reuters)
The site of the Nord Stream gas pipeline leak (Photo: Xinhua/Shutterstock)
Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov was also present at the ceremony (Photo: AFP)

Earlier this week, the Swedish Coast Guard noticed more damage to the pipelines.

Although none of the pipelines were in use at the time of the alleged explosions, they were filled with gas that is being released into the Baltic Sea after the ruptures on Monday.

The fourth leak occurred on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, in close proximity to a larger hole discovered on the nearby Nord Stream 1.

A sharp drop in pressure on both pipelines was reported on Monday, and seismologists detected explosions, sparking a wave of speculation about who may have sabotaged one of Russia’s most important energy corridors.

The European Union has said it suspects the sabotage caused damage to the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines in Swedish and Danish waters.

The White House rejected Russia’s accusations that it was behind the incidents.

Four leaks have spread across the pipeline this week (Image: Getty)
The gas pipeline is one of Russia’s most important energy corridors (Photo: Reuters)

Russia’s top spy said Moscow had intelligence suggesting the West was behind what he called a “terrorist act” against the pipelines.

The European Union suspects that sabotage was behind the gas leak on the underwater pipelines and has promised a “strong response” to any deliberate disruption of the energy infrastructure.

European leaders also suggested that the damage to the pipelines was caused by “deliberate actions”.

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said sabotage could not be ruled out, and her words were echoed by Sweden’s Acting Prime Minister Magdalena Andersen.

meanwhile, Ukraine went so far as to say that the natural gas leaks were a “terrorist attack” by Moscow.

Kremlin angrily denied his involvement in the “sabotage”.“, adding that it was “absurd” to draw such a conclusion. Russia is behind any major gas leaks in the Baltic Sea.

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Putin blames ‘Anglo Saxons’ for blowing up Nord Stream pipelines

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