Tayana’s perseverance has certainly paid off: Juni became the face of her own children’s clothing line in May 2020 with the JuJu Beez brand, and a mini-powerful on her way to becoming a powerful entrepreneur like her mom. “Guess what will be soon …. Finally? !!! JUJU BEEZ CLOTHING !!” Teiana signed ad. “Oh, my Lady Bug @ babyjunie4 is getting so big. I’m trying to figure out who she thinks she is? !!!”

Junie even has the eponymous Junie’s World lifestyle site. “Characteristics of Juni: it’s a wonderful mix of red, yellow and blue, equal to brown, rich as soil,” – her Instagram page wrote in May 2020. “My outstanding cheekbones proudly stand and greet the sun, while my tight black curly balls sit strong and confident. All the time my beautiful brown eyes look through the open door that leads to a world of possibilities! These are works from me … JUNIE BEE !!

Meet Juni and Roo with their cute photos below!


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