Ordinary viewers may have trouble believing their eyes when Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall appear as guests at EastEnders early next month.

Charles and Camilla were in Albert Square in March when they visited the new stage in Elstra, meeting with the actors and the film crew.

But now it turned out that they also spoke for soap cameras.

While it is not clear what the royal couple will be doing (pulling a pint in “Vic?”), These were amazing sports, said actress Kelly Bright, who plays Linda Carter.

The royal couple are guests of honor at the anniversary party in Albert Square

Viewers have already seen Mick Carter – Danny Dyer announced that he is organizing a jubilee party in the square.

Later he will tease that some special guests will come.

But locals will be shocked to learn that the heir to the throne and the Duchess have decided to join them – and possibly season the eels.

Mick and Linda Carter greet Charles and Camille at the party and introduce them to the people of Walford.

The Duchess of Cornwall on the set of EastEnders
The royal couple was an “amazing sport,” says Kelly Bright

“I thought what an amazing sport they’re just willing to do,” Bright said.

“I just thought, ‘Wow, they’ve never done anything like this before.’ They really didn’t know what to expect – I mean, it was probably on their nerves and not at all normal.

“So I just hope they liked it as much as we did.”

Prince of Wales in the market
Prince of Wales in the market

Executive producer Chris Clenshaw said it was “one of the most special episodes of EastEnders,” and the actors and crew were “truly honored that both the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall appeared”.

He added: “Linda Carter is naturally in her element and dizzy with excitement when their Royal Highnesses arrive in Walford.

“But it wasn’t just her, as for all of us at EastEnders, it was an extremely special day that will go down in EastEnders history.”

The episode will air on June 2.

The Queen visited the set in 2001, meeting with Lady Barbara Windsor, who played Peggy Mitchell.


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