And one takeaway in Wales made a bold attempt – decorating the event with a blue and red plate of fish and chips. Crisp & Fry, a chain of chips stores in Llanelli and Amanford, attracted a lot of attention after a video with her cheeky lunch version went viral.

The video shows that the chips are cooked in red batter, and cod is fried in blue batter, symbolizing the colors of Union Jack.

The white lines of the flag are seasoned with mayonnaise to finish the plate.

This provoked a mixed reaction: one horrified TikTok user said he was now “blind” after witnessing the trial.

However, said Jacob Thomas, chippy marketing manager customers “love” the creation on the anniversary theme.

He said: “The last two years have been unfortunate for quite a number of people.

“We thought we’d decorate it a little with blue fish and chips!”

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Mr Thomas added: “Come on in, take a look and see what you really think. We gave it to quite a few people who came and they liked it, they loved the dough and chips.

“It’s just a food coloring – the fish doesn’t taste any different. It’s just a unique thing, usually you don’t see blue fish. “

Asked if Crisp & Fry was going to expand the colored food, Mr Thomas said they could start cooking blue sausages in batter.

He said: “Next week will be National Fish and Chips Week, so as a fish and chips shop, we will be looking to cook blue sausage in a cage and maybe a few baby dishes in different colors.”

A video called Jubilee Fish & Chips Anyone? went viral at TikTok, garnering more than 350,000 views and hundreds of comments.

It shows how fish and chips are dipped in colored dough before frying.

The end product is blue fish laid on a bed of red chips and covered with mayonnaise to form an edible Union Jack.

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One TikTok user said, “Cheers, I’m blind now.” While the other replied, “Not right away.”

Another user, Eva, said, “Lord, are these things expected in the next few weeks? If so, I could go on vacation. “

Crisp & Fry is a small chain of chips stores in Llanel and Amanford in Wales.

Mr Thomas said the colorful dishes will be on sale in stores from next week.

The platinum anniversary marks the 70th anniversary of Her Majesty as Queen. Many holidays will take place across the country.


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