Suggestions that a meeting with the Prime Minister was initiated by Sue Gray to discuss her long-awaited report on parties violating the Downing Street blockade were rejected by her spokeswoman.

It comes after Sky News reported that Boris Johnson was meeting with a senior civil servant about her request.

This was reported by the BBC Mrs. Gray initiated a meeting “to find out their intentions” regarding what will happen after the police investigation, and also raised the question of whether the photos from the parties will be open to the public.

But a spokesman for Gray’s investigation denied this information about the events and disagreed with the statement that photos were discussed at the meeting.

№ 10 were quick to respond, and a source said: “The Prime Minister did not request the meeting and did not try to influence its outcome in any way.

“Sue’s right to decide, and it’s all done on your own.”

However, the war briefing will only increase the pressure on the Prime Minister to explain the meeting with Ms. Gray, given that the long-awaited report has been repeatedly described as independent.

Mr Johnson is said to have said he wanted to disclose as much information as possible to eliminate the problem so as not to put pressure on it to abandon the report.

According to many sources, the couple would not discuss the sentences Ms. Gray was preparing to address in the report.

But Labor’s deputy leader Angela Reiner called on the prime minister to “urgently explain” why the “secret meeting” had taken place.

Why does it matter who requested the meeting in the party

Rob Powell

Political correspondent


The question of who requested the meeting between Sue Gray and Boris Johnson is important because it determines how seriously we should take the accusations of whether the Prime Minister tried to interfere in the Partygate report.

If Ms. Gray had asked for a meeting, Downing Street would have been easy to say they were simply complying with the investigative team’s request.

Indeed, these proposals were circulated on Friday night when Sky News originally reported that the meeting had taken place.

But it was only when they were covered in the mainstream media that Ms. Gray’s team felt the need to amend the protocol, challenging the proposal the senior civil servant had requested to meet.

Although the spokesperson did not say so, it is clear that there was a risk that Ms. Gray’s independence could be violated by the allegation that she wanted to talk to Mr. Johnson.

In response to all this, the line from Downing Street seems to have shifted slightly with a source who said only that “the Prime Minister did not request a meeting.”

This leaves open the possibility that a third party – inside or outside number 10 – has made the arrangement.

Neither side would want the war briefing to unfold so close to the publication of such an important document.

But ultimately this argument stems from the desire of both parties to defend their own integrity at a tangible moment.

She said public confidence in the process was “exhausted” and people “deserve to know the truth”.

“This is a prime minister who is unable to take responsibility for the rotten culture he has created on Downing Street or to do decent things,” she added.

“Sue Gray’s report must be published in full and with all the accompanying evidence.”

Read more: What is the Sue Gray Report and what can we expect from the full findings?

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The Partygate report will be published soon

Liberal Democrat MP Christine Jardin said: “Any smell of stitching would be an absolute mockery of the report.”

on thursday the metropolitan police confirmed that they had stopped the investigation at parties that violate the blockade regime on Downing Street and Whitehall, and issued 126 fines to 83 people.

The £ 460,000 investigation into the nearly four-month Partygate scandal has already resulted in fines for the prime minister, his wife Carrie Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak for celebrating the prime minister’s birthday.

Sky News understands that Mrs. Johnson also said there will be no further action against her.

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No apologies after the Met partygate report

Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer, who called on Johnson to resign over his fine, said the investigation had shown that Downing Street was “violating the Industrial Scale Act … which reflects culture and the Prime Minister defines culture “.

The conclusion of the police investigation allowed the full publication of Ms. Gray’s report on the parties.

A source close to her team said the goal is to publish it as soon as possible, probably next week.

Sky News understands that discussions about naming senior government officials who have been fined continue.

Mr. Johnson also threatens parliamentary inquiry whether or not he misled the House of Commons regarding the parties.

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