61-year-old Sajneev Prasad and wife Sadhana, 57, want £ 530,000 from their son and his wife (Photo: GMB)

The couple want their son to return twice as much money, which they claim they spent on him because he did not give them a grandson.

Sajniyev Prasad, 61, and Sadhan’s wife, 57, were paid to have Sri Sagar trained as a pilot in the United States before the recession forced him to return to India in 2007.

In 2016, Sri married by arrangement with his wife Shubhanga, and his parents claimed to have given the young Audi £ 63,000.

They also said they paid for the wedding at a five-star hotel and sent them to Thailand for their honeymoon.

Sri now works as a pilot in India but lives apart from Shubhanga. Prasady claims to have spent 25 million rupees (£ 265,000) on his son since his birth.

They want to return this amount of money, as well as another 25 million rupees as damages totaling 530,000 pounds.

Parents claim to have paid for their son’s marriage in a five-star hotel (Photo: ANI)

His mother told the local newspaper about it National world: “We killed our dreams to raise him.

“Becoming a grandparent is a dream of every parent. We have been waiting for years to become grandparents.

“We tried to convince our son and his wife, but they did not pay attention to our demands. We have a broken heart that we will die without seeing [a] grandson. ‘

The charge was transferred to Haridwar District Court as “mental suffering and harassment” – technically a case of domestic violence.

The court will consider the indictment on May 17, when there will be official contacts with Shrei and Shubhanga.

Strange as this case may seem, there is a cultural context to the dispute.

Traditionally, India’s family systems grow and include grandparents, nephews and nephews, aunts and uncles and children of all – often living in the same family or very close together.

This is gradually changing as more and more young people are moving away and choosing a job rather than focusing on their family.

In the material of the court Sagneev wrote: “My son has been married for six years, but the child is not planned yet. At least if we have a grandson with whom we can spend time, our pain will become tolerable.

“We also had to take a loan to build a house, and now we are experiencing great financial difficulties. Mentally we are also very upset because we live alone.

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Indian parents sue son for £530,000 for not giving them a grandchild

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