Mass raids on two football pitches led to “physical and verbal” abuses, as well as a quarrel between the manager and the fan – on the night of football clashes, condemned as “disgusting.”

There were footage of the incident in between Crystal Palace manager Patrick Vieira and an Everton fan who seems to have fallen to the ground after a hectic decisive relegation game.

The man stormed the field along with hundreds of other fans when the last whistle sounded Everton beat Palace to secure a place in the Premier League next season.

Vieira was walking across the field to his team’s dressing room on the other side of the field when he was approached by an Everton fan, which provoked a reaction from the boss of the “Palace”.

Everton fans celebrate victory over Crystal Palace. Photo: Associated Press

That evening, Swindon head coach Ben Garner said his players were “physically and verbally abused” by Port Vale fans, who also stormed the field after his team’s defeat in the League Two semi-finals in the playoffs at Vale Park.

Swindon won the first leg 2-1 at home, but was beaten 1-0 by the hosts on Thursday night, and Port Vale eventually drew 6-5 on penalties and reached the Second League playoff final.

A decisive point kick was missed by Alice Landala of Swindon, forcing home fans to invade the field as the visitors tried to hurry out.

Speaking to Sky Sports, boss Swindon said: “Players have been physically and verbally abused. I know I’ve seen this in some other playoff games.

“I don’t know where we are going as a country. It’s absolutely disgusting. “

The ugly scenes of the evening took place after Fr. man jailed for hitting Sheffield United captain Billy Sharpe during the invasion of the field after the match on Tuesday night.

Sheffield United player Olli McBurney has been asked to attend a meeting with Nottinghamshire police after he was accused of deliberately attacking a supporter of the City Ground.

The attacker later backed a tweet suggesting he tried to step over a man while caring for an injured leg.

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