The Northeastern Institute of Technology (NEIoT) has officially opened in New Durham College.

NEIoT was in the first wave Institute of Technology (IoT), proclaimed by then-Prime Minister Theresa Mayin 2019, an initiative called “the biggest shock of technical education in one generation”.

Collaboration between colleges of further education, universities and businesses offers higher-level technical courses, led by employers, with a strong emphasis on STEM subjects.

More than 60 invited guests were in New Durham College to listen to a series of conversations and witness how Durham Mayor Arnie Simpson performed the duties of cutting the ribbon.

They then had the opportunity to take part in an interactive affiliate market, learn about virtual reality technology, watch robotics demonstrations and take tours of the building.

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“This event is an ideal opportunity to celebrate the Northeastern Institute of Technology and raise awareness IoTs and technical education, ”said Andy Broadbent, director and CEO of New College Durham.

“We want to demonstrate the opportunities provided by the Institutes of Technology in terms of training, employment and economic growth, as well as to establish contacts with program participants from all over the Northeast region.”

One of the speakers at the event was Rachel Chambers, Chief Operating Officer of the Driving Centers of the Electric Revolution in the Northeast.

“I am a great ambassador in support of the pursuit of technical skills in our region, with a focus on supporting more women in engineering,” she said.

“It is important that we all work together to support the growing demand for skilled workers in the industries as investment in the Northeast continues and we adopt more environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies.

“This event and NEIoT are a great demonstration of the strength of organizations and initiatives that work together for a common goal.”

Photo: New College Durham Director and CEO Andy Broadbent welcomes the event

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