Dubas may think big, but that doesn’t mean he’ll make a huge trade

Eliot Friedman of Sportsnet: I believe Toronto Maple Leafs grandmaster Kyle Dabas will think broadly, and that probably doesn’t include Ostan Matthews or Mitch Marner, and that doesn’t mean he’ll be able to make a big trade. He will see that there.

To Mark Giordano

Joshua Kloke of The Athletic: Maple Leafs defender Mark Giordano will talk to his agent about the possibility of returning next season.

“Everyone knows I’m from Toronto, I like it here,” Giordano said. “I enjoyed spending time here. So let’s see what happens. I’ll talk to my agent here next week. It’s still pretty fresh, a loss, but I’ll talk to him and get out of there. And, obviously, I do not consider it a secret that I liked it here. “

The 38-year-old still believes he has a couple more years left.

Eliot Friedman of Sportsnet: Believe the Maple Leafs spoke to Mark Jordan about returning with a lower salary.

About Jason Spec

David Alter: GM Dubas said yesterday it planned to talk to Jason Spez to talk about what awaits him in the future and report.

Terry Koshan: Spets said he was unsure of his playing future, adding that he would only play for Maple Leafs next season.

Joshua Kloke of The Athletic: Maple Leafs should become younger and more offensive from the fourth line, which brings question marks for Sleepy, Wayne Simmonds and Kyle Clifford.

“It’s the only place I’d like to play,” he said. “So the talks will take place in the coming days and weeks.”

G. M. Dubas on Spec.

“Sitting here, it’s hard to fully describe the impact that (Special) has had on the team positively,” Dubas said. “Obviously his contribution to the roster, but in the locker room, in the summer, the time he spends with every young player since the day he arrived, he is a special person. So I think there will probably be 31 teams besides us that would be interested in getting him involved in this in some way. ”

If Spets had taken on the role of player development in Maple Leafs, he could have been on the ice and close to the team all the time.


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