New programs from Sky – including a raft of stories led by women – have welcomed stars including Caroline Quentin and Keely House.

Vashchanka announced a wave of future dramatic, comedy and original film projects.

This is their largest network of 200 Sky Originals to be released this year – 60% more than in 2021.

Quentin, who is involved in the upcoming Lazarus Project series, told Sky News that she noted that the emphasis is on strong female storylines.

“We’re over 50% of the population, so we’re really excited to see ourselves on screen.”

She added that she has seen real progress in her career.

“The whole world of television and cinema has changed so much,” she said.

“And I feel like for someone of my generation I’m actually getting a chance to do some of the things I’ve always wanted to do, but now I can invest in something more substantial.”

“And there seems to be an element of respect for that, and for his longevity, and for his skill, I suppose.”

Caroline Quentin is involved in the upcoming Lazarus Project series.

One of the announced new projects is a new modern film adaptation of “Christmas Song”.

It will star Suran Jones from Gentleman Jack, who will soon start starring in it and said she has been trying to focus on women’s stories lately.

“We have our own production company – I have it with my husband – and we’re just dedicated to building those stories,” she said.

Keeley House attends Sky's Up Next, in London
Keeley House attends Sky’s Up Next in London

“I spent a little time and we’ve only evolved from January to the present, and I liked it because we’re really looking in detail at what stories we can tell.”

“Also significant stories, and then fun ones like this one, which I do, it’s great to play Scrooge’s woman, I think we can have fun.”

Howes, whose new series “Cuckoo Midwich” turned his main character from a man to a woman played by a star, says that progress is definitely there.

“More and more, [but] there is still a way, ”she said.

    Keeley House is attending the Up Next event as part of the celebration of future Sky shows at the Royal Theater in London.  Photo date: Tuesday, May 17, 2022
House will star in the movie “Cuckoo Midwich”.

“But yes, things are changing as we saw here tonight – a list of women’s talents, I looked at the list of those who have been here and I said‘ it’s brilliant ’, it’s a real step in the right direction. “

Among the announced new titles of the drama – the film adaptation of the bestseller novel by Heather Morris “Auschwitz Tattoo”, as well as the return of the famous show “I also hate Susie” with Billy Piper and “Cobra: Uprising” starring Robert Carlisle.

Other new Sky programs include comedies starring Sheridan Smith and Catherine Ryan.

The company has also announced that one of the first things to be shot at their new studios in Elstra will be the long-awaited big screen version of the musical Wicked starring Ariana Grande and Cynthia Eriva.

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