With the help of a software vendor to develop low-code applications Neptune softwareBritish home improvement retailer Home base quickly developed a click-and-collect program to keep stores open during the pandemic, paving the way for the future digital transformation of the entire business.

London-based Neptune Software contracted Homebase in 2019 to supply software to help the company’s in-house IT team modernize its applications. Homebase, one of the UK and Ireland’s largest home improvement and garden center retailers, was looking for help to upgrade its systems from an outdated enterprise resource planning (SAP ERP) model to an optimized, mobile-friendly digital experience for customers and employees.

When the pandemic hit in 2020 and brick-and-mortar retailers were forced to close, Homebase turned to Neptune Software to help transform the company into a full-fledged click-and-collect online retailer.

Employees working remotely during the lockdown, Neptune Software provided Homebase’s IT team with low-code application development tools that allowed them to accelerate the company’s digital transformation process and meet critical demand to keep the business afloat.

In just eight weeks, the team transformed Homebase’s complex SAP-hosted back-end ordering system into a modern, user-friendly website with built-in store delivery functionality, well ahead of the deployment of the hardware and service infrastructure needed to support the new processes.

At the same time, Homebase also launched a Neptune-based seller/supplier portal that gave suppliers the ability to manage invoices. Previously managed by a dedicated call centre, automating this service with Neptune software has increased the capabilities of the Homebase team, allowing them to focus on other higher value added activities.

Speaking about the project, Paul Cannon, IT director at Homebase, said: “It probably took 10 times longer to deliver the same functionality with SAP tools and across SAP platforms than it did with Neptune. We wouldn’t be able to continue operating during the COVID-19 lockdown if we didn’t have the Neptune-powered click-to-collect app.”

In addition to saving time for the Homebase team, Neptune Software saved the company from the added stress of license and platform costs, as well as the pain of handing off digital transformation to a secondary team.

Today, Homebase stores enjoy a variety of modern applications, both as web applications and on mobile devices. Neptune apps are now deployed on a large number of employee smartphones, and the company has seen significant financial savings by managing back-end processes with its own Neptune-based systems.

The company continues to move forward on its digital transformation journey, using Neptune DXP as a key modernization tool.

Speaking about Neptune Software’s collaboration with Homebase, Vincent Cruz, Managing Director Neptune software for the UK and Ireland, added: “We are very pleased with the results of Homebase’s digital transformation efforts and are confident that Neptune Software will enable the company to grow both as a brick-and-mortar retailer and as an online retailer. .”

The results of Homebase’s digital transformation efforts come from Neptune Software being recognized as a leader in The Grid® Report by G2 Inc. for Fall 2022 for low-code development platforms, digital experience platforms, and the rapid application development space.

In addition to the distinguished award, the global software company achieved high performer status in more than 15 categories for the third time in one year. G2’s recognition as a leader demonstrates the company’s growing footprint in low-code development and digital expertise.

Breaking its previous record of 31 badges earned in the G2 Summer 2022 report, Neptune Software has recently earned a total of 48 badges for its market presence and very high customer satisfaction.

About Neptune Software

Neptune Software is a platform provider for rapid application development with more than 660 enterprise customers and more than 3.5 million licensed end users worldwide, enabling IT departments to achieve tangible business results. Neptune Software offers Neptune DXP, the leading SAP-centric platform for developing low-code enterprise applications to digitize and optimize business processes and user interfaces – at scale and with ease.

Neptune DXP provides a fast and cost-effective way to industrialize custom application development, saving companies time and money on development, integration and operation.

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Neptune Software partnership propels Homebase’s SAP app modernisation

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