UBS claims that music has better sales after the block than not J.D. Weatherspoon.

Its 47 “LloydFor the last quarter, sales of branded pubs increased by 3.4% compared to a decline of 4% in the rest of the estate.

Chairman Tim Martin said: “As many hotel companies have shown, there is significant pressure on costs, especially with regard to work, food and energy. “

The company hopes to reach a dead end this year – it has returned to profitability since mid-March.

Martin, an outspoken critic of Covid’s government policy, says the blockade had no planned effect and came at a huge cost.

He said: “The collateral damage from the blockades has not yet been quantified, but the economic cost, about half a trillion pounds, which is financed mainly by” printing money by the Bank of England, is the immediate cause of the current inflation crisis. “

Martin added: “The biggest threat to companies in the hospitality, tourism and related sectors is the possibility of future blockades and restrictions. Such actions have never been considered in the country’s history – or, indeed, in the government’s own plans for a pandemic.”

Wetherspoon shares have halved in the last year. Today they dropped by 20p to 721p.


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