Måneskin fans were left disappointed MTV seemed to censor most of the band Video Music Awards 2022 performance.

On VMA for the first time on Sunday, August 28.

The band’s frontman David kicked off the show in a backless outfit for a live performance of their hit ‘Supermodel’.

Shortly after, viewers noticed that the network had switched to wide shots of the New Jersey venue instead of close-ups of the band’s performance.

“I waited all night to see Måneskin at the #VMAs so MTV could show two seconds of the actual performance,” one person complained. “Why was it censored?”

Another person added: “I can’t believe MTV censored Måneskin. They had people twerking all night, giant animation twerking, people fake smoking a giant butt, but the man with the ass is doomed?”

One person wrote: “MTV really nailed the Måneskin performance.”


USA Today Life Journalist Annika Reed wrote: “What kind of glitches with Maneskin performance?! MTV shut itself out of the scene completely for long periods of time (is it censorship or was it a mistake?)”.

The Independent MTV and representatives of Måneskin have been contacted for comment.

Besides Måneskin, other artists who performed at the VMAs included Lizzo, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Snoop Dogg, Eminem and Jack Harlow.

Stay tuned for MTV VMAs 2022 here.


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