Actor Morgan Freeman and former US Senator John McCain, who has died, are on a list of 963 Americans who are “forever banned” from entering Russia.

The bans announced by Moscow are the latest response to sanctions imposed against the country for invading Ukraine.

Morgan FreemanThe 84-year-old was included in the list, apparently as a result of appearing in a video clip in 2017 in which the Russian government was accused of interfering in American democracy.

Freeman published a commercial for the organization called The Committee to Investigation Russia, according to CNN.

The video was directed by Rob Rainer, best known for films such as “The Bride Princess” and “When Harry Met Sally”, and he was also added to the Kremlin’s list.

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Mr McCain is one of three deceased former senators on the list.

Russia’s foreign ministry said the people on the list were “inciting Russophobia.”

It reads: “We emphasize that Washington’s hostile actions, which are boomeranging against the United States itself, will continue to receive appropriate retaliation.

“Russia’s counter-sanctions are forced and aimed at forcing the American ruling regime … to change its behavior in recognition of new geopolitical realities,” it added.

Back in March, President Joe Biden was banned from entering Russia in response to sanctions imposed against the country after the invasion of Ukraine.

The White House ridiculed Russian sanctions joking that no one is planning a vacation in Moscow, and assuming that Vladimir Putin’s regime has targeted the wrong Joe Biden.

Others in the “stop list” – Mark Zuckerberg …
John McCain with his wife Cindy during the swearing-in ceremony of then-Vice President Joe Biden in Washington in 2011
… and the late Senator John McCain (left)

Also put on 13-name Kremlin “stop list” were Anthony Blinken, Secretary of State, CIA Chief William Burns, Lloyd Austin, Secretary of Defense, and Jake Sullivan, National Security Adviser, as well as Hillary Clinton.

The longer list, released Saturday, also includes Mark Zuckerberg and George Soros of Meta.

Along with politicians from across the U.S. spectrum, from Alexandria Acacia-Cortes to Marjorie Taylor Green, the list also includes several dead politicians.

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