• Achieving the initial investment goal of £ 1 million in just 25 minutes, 8,700 people invested £ 3.7 million before the crowdfunding even went public.
  • The crowdfunding was launched to give the Moneybox community the opportunity to participate and shape the company’s future success together with leading institutional investors
  • Moneybox has raised more than £ 100 million, including a $ 35 million round of D-Series funding under Fidelity, announced last month
  • Moneybox is now the second and third most popular crowdfunding campaign in Europe!

May 13, 2022: In just 72 hours, the award-winning digital wealth manager, Box for money, closed its second crowdfunding campaign. In 3 days, more than 15,000 people have invested more than £ 6.25 million in this year’s most popular crowdfunding company, Crowdcube.

Moneybox now holds the record for the second and third most popular crowdfunding companies in Europe!

The crowdfunding was launched to give the Moneybox community the opportunity to participate and shape the company’s future success together with leading institutional investors. 8,700 people in the Moneybox community invested £ 3.7 million before the crowdfunding even went public.

Since launching in 2016, Moneybox has been growing exponentially. Starting with an initial offering that allowed people to “invest their stocks” in ISA stocks and stocks, Moneybox now helps more than 850,000 customers confidently build wealth in all of their savings, investments, and home environments. purchases and retirement needs.

AUA has grown to over £ 3.1 billion, and with a team of 330 people Moneybox is now the clear leader in the ISA market for life and is the second largest customer in the UK.

Together with the £ 35 million D-Series investment announced last month, the funds will be used to expand the customer base, improve investment offerings and focus on new, exciting ways to guide and support people in financial planning – today and tomorrow.

Ben Stanway, co-founder of Moneybox, commented: “We are impressed with the reception our second meeting this week received. Giving our community the opportunity to participate in and shape our future has always been a priority, and our customers have played an important role in the development of our products and services to date. Given the current economic climate, our mission to help people confidently create wealth has never been more important. Now our focus is on finding new ways to guide and support people involved in financial planning throughout their lives. Continuing to focus on the underserved mass market, we believe we are on track to create a category-rich wealth platform in the UK. ”

Matt Cooper, Crowdcube Commercial Director, commented: “Congratulations to Moneybox on another landmark achievement on Crowdcube! We like to see that forward-thinking companies like Moneybox are in favor of inclusion, putting it at the heart of the business, turning their customers into shareholders. ”


Notes to the Editor:

Presentation for investors Moneybox Crowdfund Available on request

Top 5 most popular (in which participated) crowdfunding companies in Europe

The company Number of investors The amount collected
Monzo 35 911 £ 19,928,675
Box for money (2020) 16 712 £ 7,074,588
Box for money (2022) 15 352 6,257,218 pounds
Chip 12 492 £ 10,876,793
Curve 10 562 £ 9,097,660

* Source: Crowdcube. The most popular by the number of investors in Europe today.

About Moneybox:

Moneybox is an award-winning app that helps people confidently create wealth so they can enjoy life today and tomorrow. The company, founded in 2016 by co-founders Ben Stanway and Charlie Mortimer, has achieved rapid growth and today has assets of more than £ 3 billion and a community of more than 850,000 customers. Moneybox provides a range of useful products and services, including savings, investments, homeowners and retirees, as well as useful tools and educational content to help people manage and achieve their short-term, medium-term and long-term financial goals. Moneybox allows customers to save money the way they like best, through rounding, regular deposits or instant payments. In March 2022, Moneybox raised £ 35 million in the D-Series financing round, which led Fidelity International Strategic Ventures, existing investors Oxford Capital, CNP, Burda and Breega, and new investor Polar Capital. Thus, the total amount of funds raised by the manager of digital well-being is more than 100 million pounds.

About Crowdcube:

As the world’s first and largest investment crowdfunding platform, Crowdcube allows entrepreneurs to raise finance with the added benefit of crowd support. For investors, Crowdcube provides a way to self-select a stake in an innovative business that would traditionally be limited to corporate investors. www.crowdcube.com


Joan Leahy, Head of PR and Communications, Moneybox

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MoneyBox secures £6.25 million Series D Follow On investment via Crowdcube

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