MIDAS REMOVE UPDATE WIRED: Our T. Clark Board has installed electric lighting and bell systems at Windsor Castle and St. James’s Palace

Founded in 1889 and listed 60 years later, the T Clarke engineering team installed electric lighting and bell systems at Windsor Castle and St James’s Palace, electrified hospitals, universities and government buildings, and landmarks from the Tower of London to the Dorcher Hotel.

Times have changed since those days, but T Clarke boss Mark Lawrence made sure his company changed along with them.

Today, the business covers everything that allows 21st century buildings to function efficiently – LED lighting, heating and air conditioning, burglar alarms and reliable IT systems so that electrical appliances can run smoothly.

Bright light: T. Clark installed electric lighting and bell systems in Windsor Castle

The group works with builders and commercial developers; schools, universities and hospitals, and in recent years data centers, where T. Clark installs IT systems and electrical engineering, sometimes building canopies from scratch.

Among the group’s customers are Apple, Facebook and Google, as well as major real estate firms such as British Land and its rivals Landsec and Stanhope.

This wide range helps to isolate T Clarke in tough times.

The firm also operates one of the most famous student schemes in the country.

Lawrence himself began as a 17-year-old student in 1985, and two-thirds of the group’s 1,200 employees were trained in a loyalty-based scheme that encouraged skilled work and protected T. Clark from today’s worst labor shortage.

The results for 2021 showed an increase in turnover of 41 percent to 327 million pounds, a profit of 53 percent to 7.8 million pounds and a dividend increase of 10 percent to 4.85 pence.

Lawrence is targeting £ 500 million in revenue by 2023 and is likely to achieve that goal, with profits and dividends growing in sync.

Midas sentence: Midas recommended T. Clark in 2017, when the stock was 76½ pence. They have since doubled to £ 1.53 and should continue to grow. This company has played a central role in Britain for decades and, importantly, has proven that it can evolve over time. Long-term investment.

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