A MAN who paid seventeen f**king thousand in stamp duty last year will never vote Tory again, he has confirmed.

Julian Cook paid that amount when he bought his house last year, only to find that “Tras-speaking Liz and her growth freaks” had reduced it to virtually nothing.

He said, “Let me give you a photo. You have 17 thousand pounds in your hands. The government takes it off you and announces that it’s free from now on. Still angry?

“You know what I could do with that money? For example, I wasn’t expecting my fixed rate deal to end in 2023.

“I know it’s petty, selfish and ignorant of wider societal issues, but I’m a Tory voter. This is who we are and what we do.

“I was not against the stamp duty pandemic. But tell me that the ticket costs 17 thousand, and then open the door to every bastard? I’d rather vote for Starmer.’

He added: “Oh, and apparently I’m a higher rate taxpayer now. Well, I don’t feel f**king rich.’


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