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Employees of a technology factory in China have emerged because of harsh measures against the coronavirus.

Workers stormed barriers and fought with security personnel during a dramatic riot on Thursday.

The Quanta plant in Shanghai’s Sunjiang district manufactures devices such as the MacBook Pro.

Footage from Thursday shows helpless guards dressed in protective white coats trying in vain to catch workers jumping over barriers.

The factory operated under strict government isolation rules.

This was reported by Bloomberg a “closed loop” system. meant that staff had to sleep in nearby rooms, not at home.

Some tried to return to their dormitories to rest when they were denied exit from the factory, and chaos soon ensued.

Factory workers exceeded the number of guards when they jumped over the barriers (Photo: Twitter)
It is assumed that they tried to return to the next house to rest (Photo: Twitter)

The unrest reportedly subsided by Friday morning.

But the riot affected the release of the MacBook Pro at the factory.

The site is running at 30% capacity due to recent crashes, This was reported by Economic Daily.

Extensive blocking measures have led to large protests across China in recent months, especially in Shanghai.

The country’s tough strategy without Covid, implemented since the beginning of the pandemic, has led to repeated shutdowns and harsh quarantine measures.

Last month in Shanghai (China) there was a “disinfection” of the community after the increase in cases (Photo: Getty Images)
Chinese government implements zero Covid policy (Photo: Reuters)

As a rule, criticism of China’s communist government is rare, but more and more people are beginning to emerge.

One of the locals protested by putting his empty refrigerator on the balcony at the last minute, according to residents to find enough food.

There were reports of starvation after 26 million people were locked in their homes in the city and forced to count on delivery.

And last month an elderly woman began a “prison escape” from quarantine in Shanghai.

The video went viral as a 95-year-old girl boldly walks down the street in an attempt to break free from quarantine.

The woman was later placed in a small cell nearby, but the second clip showed her breaking through a corrugated cage with some tools.

She was said to have returned home after her third escape attempt Daily Telegraph reported.

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Apple workers storm barriers and fight guards keeping them locked at work

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