Love is blind a star Bartis Bowden admitted that he may have misbehaved on the show.

In recent episodes Love is blind which happened on October 26, the couple met at the pool party from hell. Bartis Bowden could not help but tell the former Raven Ross how hot she is, telling other guys how hot Raven is and basically telling anyone who will listen, including his fiancee Nancy Rodriguezhot as a raven.

Now he seems to be taking responsibility for his behavior.

U TikTok posted on October 29he responded to one user who said: “Wha… wow B wow. Just finished watching episodes 5-7.

“Bartis’ response? “Thank you for making it this far,” the Texas native said to the camera. “I don’t know why you didn’t just move my parts forward or shorten that shit because I made a mess. Oh God.”

When Bartiz and Nancy got back to their room that night, he just couldn’t resist pulling Raven over again, telling her what a “freaking awesome” Pilates instructor he was, and telling her that he and Raven made sense to the naked eye.

The show also saw the couple at odds over their political views, raising questions about their compatibility and family approval.

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