The main parties will put completely different versions of the results of local elections announced overnight.

Work highlight the historic successes in London with Barnett, and Westminster Wandsworth the front and center of its sound fragments.

And make no mistake, these are historical treasures.

Political center: Updates live when Labor won Westminster for the first time in history

The Conservatives most of the time since 1964 has been controlled by Barnet, and it has always been the largest party.

Westminster, which oversees local services on the doorstep of parliament, has also been in the hands of conservatives since the 1964 government.

Wandsworth has been under Tory control for the past 44 years.

Labor will also point to getting the Southampton Council and its impressive results in Cumberland’s new unitary government.

Conservatives, by contrast, will say that the loss of Wandsworth, while disappointing, is in line with the demographic changes affecting the profile of voters in the capital, who in the 2019 general election returned to the district three Labor MPs.

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Barnett withstood only the general London drift towards Labor because of the controversy over anti-Semitism within the party.

The Conservatives note that Southampton was a surprising win for them in 2021, which was an exceptional performance of the ruling party.

Check the result where you live

The picture below shows a general picture of England

Conservatives who want to celebrate their own results will stress both Labor’s overall inability to make significant progress with little to no net profit at the end of the vote count and councils where the opposition party loses positions in parliament.

Of course, Labor’s response was to avoid talking about places and direct our attention to the share of votes.

The party turned against them the trend that was so obvious in the 2021 election.

The constituencies they lost to the Conservatives in the 2019 general election, such as Sandwell and Wolverhampton in the West Midlands, will return to the constituency based on those voting figures.

This is true, but the experience of local elections shows that this almost always happens when votes are united in parliamentary constituencies.

Current national polls show that the weight against the government and Labor is likely to win the fictitious general election.

Voting in local elections confirms that the flow of support is going in the direction of Labor, enough to erase Boris Johnson most, but far from the offer Sir Keira Starmer Labor may seize power soon.

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