Employees from organizations with high DEX quality report 75% less downtime and are 30% less likely to leave their employers

Lakeside Software, a leader in digital experience management (DEM), has released new research that links organizations’ ability to deliver optimal digital experiences for their employees to overall business success. In particular, it highlights the significant link between organizations focusing on the digital employee experience (DEX) and the effectiveness with which IT can support a productive workforce.

The research is published in Lakeside’s new Digital Experience Guide: The 7 Qualities of Digital Employee Experience Leadership. The guide is the first industry report to gather insights from organizations at each stage of DEX development and describe the specific advantages enjoyed by DEX leaders compared to less experienced organizations. It is based on an extensive global survey of 600 executives, IT leaders and employees.

Highlights from the guide include:

  • DEX reduces downtime and improves the productivity of machinery on the job site. Employees in organizations with high levels of DEX maturity see an average of 75% less downtime per week (30 minutes) compared to those working in organizations with low levels of DEX maturity (128 minutes).
  • Organizations leading the DEX are better at meeting workforce needs. More than half of employees say that experience with digital technologies is an important or very important factor when deciding whether to stay with their current employer (54%) or when considering a future employer (61%). Thirty-six percent of employees also say they’ve considered leaving their employer because of a bad DEX experience — and 14% already have.
  • The right digital experience is critical to supporting hybrid work. On average, 60% of employees believe that technology in the workplace is essential to their success. This is especially evident among employees in technology (83%) industries, where hybrid and remote work is widespread.

“Leading organizations view the digital employee experience as a competitive advantage that drives enterprise-wide success, driving customer and employee success for the bottom line,” said David Cale, CEO of Lakeside Software. “Our research shows that leading organizations see greater returns from IT initiatives focused on the employee experience, and conversely, organizations that don’t prioritize DEX fall further behind.”

Despite the advantages enjoyed by organizations that prioritize good DEX, research shows that only 20% of organizations can be classified as DEX leaders. The digital experience guide also includes the views of Lakeside’s customers, partners and internal experts on the value of these qualities. Greg Dolphin, director of global support for LexisNexis and contributor to the guide, highlights how Lakeside supported LexisNexis as his team transitioned from reactive to proactive IT operations.

“Lakeside’s proactive IT capabilities have greatly improved our digital employee experience,” said Delfin. “The quantity and quality of data collected allowed us to strategically identify and address issues much faster than we would have otherwise. One year after enabling SysTrack, about 5% of reported incidents in local IT support services were reported proactively. Today, we solve 50% of problems proactively, purely because of the level of endpoint visibility.”

Additional information on DEX leadership, as well as commentary and analysis of the survey results, can be found in the report and supporting content:

– Download The Digital Experience Guide: The Seven Qualities of DEX Leadership here

– Sign up for the upcoming webinar “The Future of Experience is Now: 5 Opportunities Only DEX Tools Can Unlock” with Forrester’s Andrew Hewitt here

– Read our Digital Experience Guide analysis next www.lakesidesoftware.com/resources

Survey methodology

Lakeside Software commissioned ESI ThoughtLab to conduct a market study from February to March 2022. The study gathered the opinions of 600 respondents: 200 employees, 200 C-level executives, and 200 IT executives and staff.

The analysis was conducted across industries, geographic markets, company sizes, and other parameters to get a complete picture of the employee digital experience market.

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Lakeside Research Confirms Enterprise Investment in Digital Experience Leads to Significant Reductions in Employee Downtime and Attrition

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