he The Queen The queen of the screen and stage received from the nation “the most loving gratitude.”

Lady Helen Mirren paid tribute to the monarch for her “steadfast” leadership for many years after the platinum anniversary celebration.

The actor who won the award Oscar for the role of queen in the film of the same name in 2006 again took on the role of monarch in the play in Windsor on Sunday.

This comes after the Queen received a standing ovation at the show.

Lady Helen said she expressed gratitude on behalf of the “grateful nation and commonwealth.”

Addressing the Queen in the arena near Windsor Castle, she said: “I express our loyalty and our gratitude for this celebration of Your Majesty’s 70th anniversary on the throne of the United Kingdom and many other countries where you are the head of state.

“All these years you have carried our nation. You were in his heart, in his drumbeat. You gave us a goal, and when situations were difficult, your hope, leadership, and leadership were unwavering.

Lady Helen appeared as Queen Elizabeth I in a theatrical performance entitled “Gallop through History” (Steve Parsons / Pension) / PA wire

“I address you on behalf of all your loyal subjects. We are excited and admire the way you conduct public affairs with such agility and balance.

“That is why I speak on behalf of the grateful nation and the commonwealth when I express to you our sincere and loving gratitude.”

Lady Helen played the role of the queen Elizabeth I during the evening of the theatrical performance “Gallop through history”.


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