Quasi Quarteng said he made a mistake in his mini-budget, which caused chaos in the market and led to the fall Liz TrussThe government was not “methodical” enough.

The former chancellor named his successor Jeremy Hunt received a “good budget” last week.

Hunt was appointed chancellor by Truss after she sacked Quarteng, her closest political ally, in a last-ditch bid to save her failing premiership.

Speaking to GB News on Sunday morning, Kwarteng said Hunt had “perhaps rightly” taken a more “cautious” approach than he had.

“What we can’t do is pretend that last October didn’t happen, last September didn’t happen,” he said.

“I don’t understand what it means to be a conservative if you don’t ultimately believe in lower taxes. This is a strategic goal.

“There is a question of how to get there, and there are different approaches.

“Now I would like things to be done faster. But you have to be methodical, you have to carry the institutions with you, and I think that’s what they’re trying to do.”

He added: “That’s where me and Liz went wrong. I think we should have had a more methodical and more process-driven way of achieving that strategic goal, which is to lower taxes and stimulate economic activity.”

Kwarteng also admitted there was “too much” in his mini-budget and it was “very brave” not to have Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) forecasts or spending containment measures at the same time.

He also said that the suggestion of further tax cuts following his announcement “was probably a mistake”.

Kwarteng’s decision to talk about it on Sunday’s BBC One program with Laura Kuensberg even more taxes can be cutshortly after he cut the top rate to 45p, seen by many as a major factor spooking the markets.


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