A grieving King Charles signed a series of ministerial appointments today as he resumed work as monarch while still in mourning.

Just 24 hours after his late mother’s funeral, the King has confirmed four people to positions in the Liz Truss government.

He proceeded to carry out his constitutional duties despite the fact that the royal family did not participate in any official public events for another week to allow them time to recover from the Queen’s death.

Ms Truss had been in Number 10 for less than 48 hours when Her Majesty died at Balmoral on September 8. She was part of the way to appoint ministers to her government when politics effectively stopped in deference to the funeral.

This meant that a number of ministerial positions had been vacant for the past two weeks.

A statement from No10 this afternoon said Kind was “delighted to confirm” the four new cabinet members.

Baroness Neville-Rolfe, Lord Sharpe. Baroness Scott of Bybrook and Lord Kamal were given duties.

Yesterday, when saying goodbye to the queen, the king had teary eyes.

Since her death, he has been busy traveling the country and meeting with elected politicians with little time to privately mourn the loss of his mother.

He flew to Scotland earlier today to take time out and rest at Balmoral to recover from a grueling schedule over the past 10 days.

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