Rehearsals have been going on since the start of the school year and now that the hard work is done, the fairytale of Cinderella will be brought to life in Killarney thanks to students at Killarney Community College.

cast and crew promise a night of great entertainment with this year’s panto, a modern take on the children’s story of Cinderella.

Killarney Community College students, led by Costume Manager Ms. Mary Fuller, Musical Director Ms. Joanna Hughes and Producer Mr. Mike Lynch, transform the children’s classic into a reality-based piece, and instead of presenting Cinderella in her traditional form, these talented students set the goal of introducing the characters of the production to modern ideas.

The first show debuts on Tuesday, November 8, with the second night on Wednesday, November 9. Rehearsals continue each week, opening night approaches, and the actors are hurting!
At the moment, the corridors of Killarney Community College are littered with sequins, ball gowns, petticoats – you name it! Costumes are being sewn and sewn to prepare for the big dress rehearsal. The school’s talented team came together to create a “seamless” set of costumes!
Music teacher and director Ms Hughes said the panto was a must-see show and was guaranteed to sell out.

‚ÄúThere is a lot of excitement around the panto as it is the first production we are putting on post-Covid. Students and staff put a huge amount of time and effort into it, with many staying for hours after school and giving up free time on Saturdays. We’re really happy with how things are going and can’t wait to take it to the big stage and sell out the crowd.”

Tickets are still on sale from the school box office – get yours before the clock strikes midnight and it’s too late!