PHILLIP Schofield and Holly Willoughby’s daytime row row has made headlines in Australia.

Sky News Australia reported faced two in line as the social media storm raged.

Source TV told The sun that things have become “unfortunate” on the show since the scandal broke.

“The atmosphere behind the scenes can be cut with a knife.

“Philip and Holly are furious at the backlash they are causing and blame everyone for what happened.”

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“The mood behind the scenes is terrible and it’s not going anywhere. Everyone hopes it will be over soon.”


It comes as a petition calling on ITV to sack the duo has reached 60,000 signatures.

The petition reads: “Axe Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby from TV,

it was launched on Saturday by Laura Harrison, who called the daytime duo “toxic”.

“If enough people sign up we can show ITV that the public matters,” Laura wrote.

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At 6am on Tuesday morning, the petition had 15,000 people, but after a social media campaign led by Politicalite and other social media influencers, it has reached 64,000, as Britons refuse to believe ITV’s lies about Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby’s trip to Westminster Hall on Friday.

Holly is reportedly “fighting for her job” and The Sun reports that the former CITV star could quit This Morning amid a queue-jumping crisis that has erupted on social media.

Holly added more fuel to the fire on social media on Tuesday after the ITV daytime star lied about not queue-jumping or walking past the Queen at Westminster Hall.


Willoughby, 41, and Schofield, 60, returned to the airwaves after Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral on Tuesday and refused to apologize for allegedly pushing their disabled mother out of line so they could pass the Queen – as many observers claim. witnesses

While the pair refused to jump the queue and Holly spoke to This Morning in which Holly insisted they would “never jump the queue” as they addressed their controversial visit to see the Queen recumbent .

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Willoughby said during the WT: “Like hundreds of accredited broadcasters and journalists, we have been given official permission to access the hall.”

“None of the TV broadcasters and journalists there took anyone’s place in the queue and no one passed by the Queen. We, of course, respected these rules.”

“However, we understand that it could have come across as something else and therefore fully understand the reaction. Please know that we will never jump the queue.”

Shocking footage then emerged online showing Philip, Holly and This Morning editor Martin Frizzell apparently jumping the queue as thousands waited in line.

The footage also showed Philip and Holly walking past the Queen, proving Holly’s claim was a lie.

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Telly sources told Politicalite: “Philip and Holly are stunned by the level of anger they have received over the last few days.”

“They were amazed at how this whole thing has mushroomed. They felt that ITV should have made it clear straight away that it was part of the broadcast.’

“Holly in particular was completely confused by it. She was in tears because of what she was called and the behavior she was accused of.”

The insider went on to detail how Holly was left “heartbroken” that “people think she would act” this way.

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They are a tight-knit team, but there are concerns about how this has affected Holly and has left many wondering if she pushed her to come out,” the source concluded.

KANGAROO COURT: Holly and Phil row reaches AUSTRALIA as 65,000 sign petition

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