Julian Glover OBE

Julian Glover OBE is an author and journalist with extensive experience working with government. He led the Landscapes Review for Defra to improve ways of managing England’s protected areas, and was a special adviser in Room 10 and in the Department of Transport. He was deputy editor of the London Evening Standard, as well as a columnist and reporter for the Guardian. He advises a number of organizations, especially on transport and sustainability. He is the author of The Man of Iron: Thomas Telford and the Building of Britain, a biography of one of the country’s greatest engineers. He lives in Derbyshire.

Tarin Nixon

Terin Nixon is an archaeologist with leadership experience in the historic environment sector. From 1997 to 2016, she was the CEO of MOLA (Museum of London Archeology), a charitable educational organization, small and medium business and an independent research organization (IRO) that provides commercial services and benefits to the public in the context of planning, construction and development. She has been a trustee of the MOLA board from 2017-19. She is currently an independent advisor and consultant on heritage management, helping organizations working with heritage as a force for good.

Tarin is the guardian of the National Trails UK, advocates long-distance routes that are part of the family of protected landscapes and are managed by Natural England and Natural Resources Wales. She is an Honorary Lecturer at the Institute of Archeology, University College London, former Chair of the Professional Organization of the Chartered Institute of Archaeologists and has served on committees of organizations such as Historical England and the Commission on Architecture and the Environment. She has published extensively on how cultural and natural heritage can connect people and places, and on how people and a sense of place are at the heart of sustainable development, regeneration, restoration and restoration.

Julian Glover will chair the Midlands Regional Committee and the Eastern Fund of the National Lottery, and Tarin Nixon will chair the London and South Regional Committee.

These roles are paid at £ 13,500 a year. These appointments were made in accordance with the orders of the Cabinet of Ministers State Appointments Code. The appointment process is regulated by the Commissioner for Public Appointments. Under the Code, any significant political activity that has been carried out by a person in the last five years must be declared. This is defined as holding office, public speaking, recording donations or running for office. Julian Glover has said he is campaigning for independent candidates in the 2019 election. Terin Nixon said there was no political activity.


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