What happens in the booth stays in the booth – and no, these colleagues do not kiss and do not tell!

Kissing booth 3 stars Joey King and Jacob Elordi smashed exclusively them screen chemistry yes E! News, and it is safe to say that none of them can have anything to do with the alter ego of El Evan (King) and Noah Flynn (Elardi) in the third film. Elle struggles to choose college, while her feelings for longtime boyfriend Noah subside as she gets closer to Marco Peña (Taylor Zahar Perez) after them victory in a dance competition.

“I’m not a woman from the love triangle, but I fully understand why it works in movies, it’s so fun to watch,” King joked about Elle.

If Elordi had ever found himself in a similar IRL situation, he would have “just left” the relationship. “It’s pretty outrageous,” the actor added. “There’s a line in the song that’s kind of,‘ This is me or another man, and if you need to choose, I suggest you choose another man ’or something like that. I feel that if you should If I was in that situation, you made a decision or I decided. “


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