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Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock accept Halloween take pumpkin carving to a new level, thanks to the lifestyle guru Barbara Costellohandy tip. After Barbara, who goes by “Brunch With Babs” on social media, posted a pumpkin carving tutorial on TikTok, Friends the actress decided to do it.

U video posted on Oct. 31 on Jennifer’s Instagram, the 53-year-old turns a pumpkin upside down and draws a circle with a red dry marker. She cuts out the bottom to reveal the gooey pumpkin seeds, then picks it up for the next step.

“We’ll have to wear glasses for the next portion,” says Jennifer. – Just for safety.

Then she whips it up with a hand-held electric mixer, breaking the petals together with the pumpkin to remove the seeds. The next step in the process is designing the face of the pumpkin, and Jennifer carefully follows Babs’ trick as she grabs a hammer to hammer cookie cutters into the pumpkin to create the perfect shapes.

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